branding | orca - fearless among sharks

Orca was an approachable brand that differentiated itself visually and in tone from brokerages and competitors. It promised empowerment through transformative technology with a delightful user experience. The name and tag line referenced the fact that financial professionals are known as "sharks", orcas are an apex predator as well, and so are, "fearless among sharks". To describe it in one line, "Orca translates your market idea into pro option strategies".


Meet Orca

Clean and smart. Orca is an options tool that is reactive, perceptive and progressive. It prepares strategies that anticipate the demands of your trading and provides context when asked.


Evolution of a Whale

So, killer whales are in the dolphin family... that aside, this logo became high tech. It's a 3D vector model, like a video game character. We got a great response with it. Orca was made to be cutesy and approachable, plus, an anatomically correct orca looks funny out of water.


Find Orca At

The 'O' with a whale tail made a great thumbnail image. The B2C product was hosted at



Orca automated much of the work of option trading and makes strategy formation much quicker. Orca allowed traders and investors to side-step an expensive three-year learning curve (with unmatched capability). It freed people from the mechanics of trading to focus on their reasons and ideas.


Up Your Options Game

Our Mission: Make option trading work for you. We want the right strategy at the right time without delay- is that too much to ask? We don't think so. We've reinvented the option trading tool for traders and investors with higher expectations, whether they're advanced or new to the game. 


Core Team

Our origin story was about 'experience meets tech'. We were taking a lot of option trading experience, and, with an artificial intelligence approach and a modern user experience, stealing fire to democratize it.

The ‘About Page’ team photo reinforced that idea, presenting a fun, approachable and radically differentiated experience. No suits to be found (at least not on the web).

This brief product marketing video was used to catch a person's attention and encourage them to read the product page. 


branding | best option trading

The brand took itself very seriously. It was by professionals for sophisticated traders and investors. The Best Option Trading brand offered a 'Pro' version of the server side technology, which returned a full compliment of strategies, allowed more customization, more analytics and an all-business interface. There was also an application interface that could be accessed by people who were technically inclined, institutions and brokerages. 


Who It's For

The brand spoke to sophisticated traders, advisors who use complex options, and developer at brokerages. That's a picture of the New York skyline in the background. 

square business card front.jpg


'Artificial Intelligence for Options Trading'

The design stylized a typical node-edge network generated when determining composition of a strategy. It was adapted from a diagram found in the patent filing. The white path symbolizes the optimal combination of options prices and expirations to comprise a complex option strategy.


Product Claims

It was necessary to trot out some math words to let readers know that we had substance to our programs. Since the core processes were essentially a black box, the idea was to instill confidence and invite conversation with any sophisticated and skeptical buyers.


So Many Strategies

A sampling of complex option strategies with stylized icons and some verbiage about their uses. This was meant to reinforce the idea that each of the roughly one hundred strategies had a unique role and distinct characteristics. Most readers were familiar with only some of the possible strategies; an enlarged toolbox of strategies was one benefit.


Complexity Handled

...translates your stock market forecast into options strategies that are fully appropriate for your market sentiment. It does all that in two seconds, meaning that you won't miss another trade opportunity...

...strategies composed optimally so that you can focus on market opportunities. Risk to you doesn't come from volatility, it comes from not knowing what you are doing.


Like Trading Stock

The promise of the product was communicated in terms of the inputs and outputs of the program. Input the amount of information required to trade stock (optionally predict implied volatility) and view the results. The idea was to create a process at the level of irreducible complexity without diminishing capability, meaning that the absolute minimum in terms of effort and understanding was required of the user and the most sophisticated results were returned, while hiding the intermediate steps.